DNS Server Outage | No Effect For Silver Barrel Customers

The internet is buzzing (or perhaps a little quieter today) as GoDaddy and millions of their web hosting and email clients were knocked out of service by an apparent hacker.  The problems started around 10am PST and as of 4pm it appeared that was still down, although some of their client’s hosted website were coming back online.

There have been some question as to exactly what GoDaddy services are down and how the millions of GoDaddy registered domains are being interrupted.  We wanted to clear up a few things related to the hosting and email services at Silver Barrel Solutions.  Although you may have registered your domain name at, your Silver Barrel website hosting and email WILL NOT be affected.  DNS is managed on our end, on our servers, which have nothing to do with the problems that GoDaddy is experiencing.  We do not use GoDaddy in any way for their hosting or email services.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at or pop in a support ticket at should you have any questions or need a hand.

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